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06-26-2014, 07:16 AM
$775 plus shipping
(will also include 2oz jar of LoPrinzi fingerboard conditioner)

Stunning LoPrinzi NOVA uke made with 70 year old cherry!

(funny story about the cherry...Donna LoPrinzi found it tucked away at the shop and her father told her he had bought it in the 40's!...stunning wood...heirloom instrument)

not even broken in yet....I've probably played it a total of 1 hour...I've had it about a year (I know.....that's why it needs to go to a good home!)

The unique Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports give this uke an incredible sound; projection and most importantly for me, the ability to hear the "DETAIL" of the instrument as I play..

1.5" nut.. was special order.
This instrument is in totally LIKE NEW condition

I had hoped this would be an instrument I kept for life..but ...

This is one gorgeous instrument...Comes with case as shown...strung with Martin Fluorocarbons..

here's a so-so sound file;https://soundcloud.com/michael-smith-103/loprinzi-nova-2
see below for a discussion of this unique sound port technology.

***this is a description of LoPrinzi's guitar with the soundports...all the benefits apply to the uke.
*** lengthy but VERY interesting!

Thurman Multi-dimensional Sound Ports

Notice how the upper sound ports cross over the edge of the instrument. This angles the ports at almost 45 degrees, thereby aiming them directly into the lower bout where sound is generated. At least four enhancements occur:

1. - There is an increased projection and clarification of the tone because sound trapped in the upper bout is liberated, and does not dampen successive sound waves generated by the bridge in the lower bout. The increased soundboard efficiency brightens and clarifies the tone; sustain and attack are enhanced and intensified.

2. - The Multi-dimensional port toward the musician functions like a monitor so the player can easliy hear the instrument in a way totally impossible with the traditional design.

3. - Easier access (by at least two fret positions) for the notes over the body. The hand is freer to reach for the higher notes and barred positions.

4. - The inhanced sound projection fills in a broader pattern and is distributed more generously and efficiently than guitars equipped only with the traditional sound hole. If you place your hand over an upper sound hole and strum a full chord the pressure of the increased sound projection is dramatic and easily detected. If you block the multi-dimensional ports the instrument is immediately dampened.

This beautiful design principle does not interfere with the traditional development of soundboard theories, bridge designs and bracing patterns. It simply allows the guitar to become a more efficient acoustic device (air pump) and thereby improves upon all the other work accomplished by traditional luthiery to date. (The LoPrinzi Nova Futura is the guitar with these sound ports)

06-26-2014, 07:19 AM
Whoa. Any pics?
Edit: Found em! on the previous post!