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06-27-2014, 09:06 AM
I just posted this on the previous Worth browns thread, but thought it would be a good idea to put it in it's own thread.

I've been thinking about changing the strings to Worth Browns on my Lanikai LQA-TCA tenor cutaway solid spruce top/laminate quilted ash body, so I went to the Worth web site and read up on their choices. I've condensed and clarified the Japanese to English translation (I ended up choosing BT 63):
Worth Strings are differentiated by color, gauge, material and length:

1. Color
Clear (C) - sharp and projective
Brown (B) - mild and mellow

2. Gauge
--Light (CL/BL) - very bright, easy to barre
--Medium (CM/BM) - standard for solo and for strumming
--Extra (CE/BE) - 4th string is thicker, strummers like this gauge
--Custom gauge (BC) has a bright and glossy sound
--Tenor gauge (CT/BT) has a powerful sound
--Fat gauge (CF/BF) fatter sound

3. Material - Fluoro-carbon
Clear (C)
--Standard Fluoro-carbon (CL, CM, CE, CT and C-LG)
--Hard Fluoro-carbon (CD, CH, CF and C-LGEX) - clearer sound
-- Standard Fluoro-carbon

4. Length
46 inches - soprano and concert (63 inches available for an extra charge)
63 inches - tenor (provides two sets)

If you are confused about which strings to choose, at first use BM or CM for soprano and concert and CT or BT for tenor, but we hope you experiment to find your best sound. The sound changes by body material and how you play.