View Full Version : Jordi's first video (John Dowland's What if a Day arr. Jamie Holding)

07-08-2014, 11:20 AM
A little video of myself practising the song "What if a day" by John Dowland with my ukulele. Admittedly a long way from playing it properly, but I am working on it. The arrangement is by Jamie Holding, to which I have added my own ornaments. The ukulele is a Mainland soprano red cedar with Worth brown fluorocarbon strings.


07-08-2014, 06:42 PM
Hi Jordi, you can just put a link to your video, if hosted on Youtube Vimeo or so...

07-09-2014, 02:13 AM
Thank you Valery, I have fixed it. You can now see my first small step...

07-09-2014, 05:34 PM
Congratulations on your 1st video Jordi! These Dowland pieces work beautifully on the ukulele, thanks for sharing.