View Full Version : FF: Two Ukuleles (with a catch)

07-09-2014, 08:02 AM
Hey guys, I don't know if free stuff really belongs here, but I have two Lanikai ukuleles that I bought from Butler Music so long ago, and they've just been sitting in the closet ever since. Basically, I bought them because I thought I could fix them, but their problems have turned out to be things beyond my capability to fix hahaha

So here's my offer - I will offer these two ukuleles for free to the person who will take them and be able to fix them! I would rather these two be fixed and sold/given away by someone else than be sitting in my closet indefinitely where I may or may not fix them.

As for the problems, the concert has a twisted neck, while the baritone has fairly janky fretwork after the 5th or 6th fret. Some of the frets are misaligned, so intonation will be off. Other than that, the baritone is still fairly playable.

If there's anyone local to LA I can drive to you if you don't want to drive to me, but I don't think I'll ship at all, unless the offer is too good to pass up hahaha.

Anyways, I think that's it! Thanks for looking! Aloha! :)


07-09-2014, 09:51 AM
I always pick up old broken ukes, fix them up, and give them away. I'll be sending you a PM.


07-09-2014, 09:58 AM
Woops, never mind, I missed the part where you wanted to pass them off to someone local. I've been doing that lately. I blame my new glasses on it :)

You may ignore my PM.


07-09-2014, 10:41 AM
Pending shipping! Anyone local to LA is welcome to ask if they're still available!