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07-12-2014, 01:06 PM
My latest build. Apart from the fretboard and end cap segments this is built in all Tasmanian Blackwood.
Rim is a block construction. Hardware is all top quality from Canada. Tuners planetary style geared. Headstock and heel cap are in white Tasmanian Blackwood, End cap on the rim is alternating segments of white TB and Rosewood. Head is natural calfskin.

Asking US$750.00 Shipped and insured to US or UK
Price dropped
US$650.00 shipped.
Final price drop.

This is listed again as the sale fell through due to lack of funds.
I have just restrung it with Worth browns, seems brighter than the Aquilas.

Video/Sound sample

07-14-2014, 05:26 PM
Hi added a video/sound sample.

Jim Hanks
07-14-2014, 05:39 PM
Looks and sounds great, Dennis! Good luck with the sale.

07-14-2014, 05:59 PM
Looks and sounds great, Dennis! Good luck with the sale.

Thanks Jim.

07-18-2014, 07:10 PM
I have had a couple of questions about the finish, which is something I don't believe I have ever addressed. I use tru oil on the open backs, with a final rub with 0000 steel wool and beeswax then a hand buff.

07-22-2014, 12:22 PM
Open to a reasonable offer.

07-26-2014, 11:28 AM
Final price drop. If it doesn't sell shortly I will keep it.
$699.00 shipped.

07-30-2014, 05:52 PM
US$650.00 shipped and insured.