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07-13-2014, 12:13 AM
Hope you like my rendition:


07-17-2014, 03:11 AM
In case anyone is interested, here are the chords:

[ intro: F Bb ]
[F] Suddenly you’re here, [Bb] suddenly it starts
[F] Can two anxious hearts beat as [Bb] one?
[A7] Yesterday I was alone
to[Dm7]day you are be[Dm6]side me
[F] Something still unclear, [Bb] something not yet
[C7sus] here has be[F]gun [Bb]

[F] Suddenly the world [Bb] seems a different place
[F] Somehow full of grace, full of [Bb] light
[A7] How was I to know that so much
[Dm7] hope was held in[Dm6]side me?
[F] What is past is gone, [Bb] now we journey
[C7sus] on thru the [F] night

[A7] How was I to know at last that
[Dm] happiness can come so fast?
[C7] Trusting me the way you do
I’m [F] so afraid of failing you
[E7] Just a child who cannot know
that [Am] danger follows where I go
[G] There are shadows [G7] everywhere
and [C] memories I [C+] cannot share

[F] Nevermore alone, [Bb] nevermore apart
[F] You have warmed my heart like the [Bb] sun
[A7] You have brought the gift of life and
[Dm7] love so long de[Dm6]nied me
[F] Suddenly I see [Dm7] what I could not see
[Gm7] Something sudden[Bb]ly has be[F]gun [ Bb F ]