View Full Version : Any serious uke players in Savannah Georgia?

07-13-2014, 12:17 PM
If you are a serious ukulele player in Savannah Georgia, would you consider a house/apartment exchange in Waikiki for a few weeks in October 2015?

Yes, I know it's a ways off but I like to plan ahead. We have a beautiful two bedroom apartment in the Diamond Head end of Waikiki, not far from Kapiolani Park. We'd like a two bedroom apartment or condo or townhouse in central Savannah. I'm in my early sixties, fit, and my wife is in her late fifties, fit. We walk a lot. We'd really like to be on a square if possible.

I've been to Savannah several times and love it. Yes, I'd be practicing Johnny Mercer songs.

Charleston wouldn't be bad either. My brother lived there seven years.
Southern charm, good food.

07-13-2014, 04:42 PM
Live by Chas, but sounds like you are looking for something right in the city. Love Johnny M. Good luck!

07-13-2014, 04:50 PM
By Chas I assume you mean Charleston? How near? How far? What's your plantation like?

I've heard that in Atlanta they first ask what church you attend. In Charleston who your grandparents were. In Savannah what you'd like to drink.

I thought I'd feel most comfortable in Savannah. Been thinking of writing a song, "My Ukulele's Been Drinking, Again."

Actually, I tell all my friends they've got to visit both Charleston and Savannah, two of America's great small cities.