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07-14-2014, 10:14 AM
in 4 verses and a chorus.


Thirteen billion years ago
They say there was a big bang
Then from a cloud of gas and dust
That's how our planet began

There was a spark in that chemical stew
Life began its long climb
Unbroken chain from then 'til now
This is our sliver of time

Life is some kind of miracle

God is a poet, got no writer's block
That mathematician can sing
I don't know if there is a god
But I do know one thing

Life is some kind of miracle

When I hold you in my arms
I feel this life through and through
I don't know why I'm here
But I know this is true

Life is some kind of miracle

Verses use this sequence:
Cm(5333) Cm(maj7)(4333) Cm7(3333) F13(2335) F9(2333) Abmaj7(1333) Bb9(1213) G7(4535) (G7+5)(4536)

Cm(5333) Cm7(3333) Ab7(5646) G7(4535)