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07-14-2014, 07:04 PM
And what kind have you?

I'm just a hack with a small 19 string Pixie lap harp-
I keep thinking of getting something bigger, but they're a lot of money and I don't play mine much- levers and more strings would probably help-

and why ARE they so expensive ?????
such a simple instrument really
all the folk harps are from Pakistan and it seems like somebody could deliver some cheaper harps here.

wrote a movie script some time ago about a harp- couldn't get it sold-
so I bought mine back when I was writing it-


P.S. Isn't "Druid" like "David"? At the time I wrote my script with the "Druid tribe", I didn't yet know about any story about David and a harp in the Bible.
since then I've been dodging harps!

07-15-2014, 01:05 PM
Oh ...oops ...my bad ....I like thought harp...Blues harp...harmonica .......:mad: that's embarrassed ...not mad Lol...sorry.

08-14-2014, 09:00 PM
So I looked into harps on Alibaba and was even looking into buying one directrly from Pakistan-

They'll quote you an incredible price even lower than the cheapest same kind of Pakistan Celtic harp TWO SIZES smaller on ebay-
especially if you live near a seaport and can pick them up directly off a boat-

I got quotes of $71 for a 22 string harp- and that size starts on ebay at about $250
I was going to buy a 31 string harp for about that, but had trouble finding a way to make payment-
they wanted me to send money directly to a Barclay's Bank account and I'd never heard of tha way of payment-
or send them a money order to Pakistan, and I then just didn't trust the site enough- they were taking days to answer my e-mails and quote prices and explaining payment-

if they'd taken Paypal- which I suggested they try to get an account- I don't think they speak English well- I'd have a big old 31 or 36 string harp for a fourth of what I'd pay anywhere in the states-

may try again sometime in the future- but have had a lot of other expenses, and spread too thin on so many instruments now!

I had my little 19 string Pixie string up on Craigs, thinking I'd get a larger one, but pulled that back off now-
because I have to have at least something to pluck, Druids....

08-18-2014, 07:47 AM
I used to work with a lady I thought was maybe a harpie..........oh, no, wait, this is about musical instruments. Sorry :biglaugh:

08-20-2014, 07:04 PM
Harps- you play them
you don't throw them like Saul!

08-21-2014, 12:07 AM
I can't handle four strings--I'd choke with 19+!

A harp for less than the cost of a good harmonica from non-English speaking harp makers in Pakistan who don't accept Paypal. Please do let us know how that works out for you, Hucklele.

I've been tempted to play a harp once or twice when I went to a church wedding, or a Von Mauer store at the mall, and heard its glorious volume and range. Then I lay down and it passes.

I am interested to hear you play it, and more about harps, H. Thanks for sharing your experience.

08-24-2014, 09:30 PM
The downside of the harp is DEFINITELY tuning all those strings-

I don't really play mine much- which is limited in that it doesn't have tuning levers for changing keys easily- although you can get the wrench out and get into G or D and even A without too much difficulty- but have to play the diatonic scale then-

those are great fiddle keys though and I'd like to multitrack some fiddle and harp I think, and throw in some tin whistle or flute- CELTIC!

what I do at the moment is mostly improvise- the 19 string Pixie is rather high toned- perhaps I'll try to get some on video, but really busy these days and spread thin on guitar, uke, fiddle and keys,

and yes, I play some harmonica too- got several tremelos in several keys and some blues harps too.

09-13-2014, 12:00 PM
I also have two harps, a little german harp 15 strings (not so expensive, and very nice loud sound) and a medieval harp made in Scotland by Ardival, gut strung, very nice sound.
Here are some example :
The German one
The Scottish one

10-04-2014, 04:38 AM
I am interested in obtaining a cláirseach, a hand held, wire-strung "Bardic" harp, not to be confused with Ukeval's harp seen above, which is also called a clársach.

I am not a harpist, I am a Shannachy with Bardic pretensions. My best friend Grace is a harpist and a Hag= Cailleach=witch=earth goddess. She put this geasa on me. I call grace the queen of the universe to be on the safe side.

If you can help me post here or pm me as appropriate.