View Full Version : Martin C1K satin finish...

07-16-2014, 12:01 PM
I posted this on the Tech forum and got no response...

I've had my C1K for over a year and the first couple days I had it, I played a couple hours at a club meeting, then an hour the next day at a concert. It was the end of April in Arizona and it was warm. My forearm was a little sweaty and the grain on the top raised up. After taking it to an authorized Martin Luthier, they refinished the top under warranty and it has been fine until recently. Well, it's warm again and my sweaty forearm has caused the grain to raise again. What kind of finish can I put on there to prevent this problem?

I'm not in the area of the first luthier at the moment. I wonder if Martin will refinish again? Pictures don't really show the problem area.