View Full Version : DaSilva Custom Concert With Tenor Neck

07-17-2014, 02:25 PM

Mike made this for me in 2009; number 218. You can see it on his site. Comes with case and in perfect condition. I love playing uke, but I play too many other instruments and I'm divesting myself of many of them to focus on just two; mandolin and flute (yeah, weird combination, right?).

So, to fund my reduction (huh? you sell instruments, doesn't that mean you save money?..maybe in your world, in mine, it just means I upgrade what's left...so I'm financing a hand-made flute...and they ain't cheap).

So...salvage fir top, primavera back and sides, mahogony neck, ebony fretboard and heel cap, b/w ivoroid purfling..you can see it on Mile's site69089690906909169092....folks, this is one beautiful sounding and looking instrument. In great shape...it has never left the house...case included.

Price: shucks...I don't know...$1,300 including shipping in CUSA....you can also make me a (fair) offer