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07-20-2014, 02:54 PM
Hey Folks- Here is a great four string banjo that would be perfect for any uke player who wants that old time sound. It has no maker's mark, but from my research, I believe it was made by Lyon and Healy in the 20's and is most like their American Conservatory Models.

It has a high quality heavy maple rim (10.5 inches) with a dark wood cap and nice purfling. The rim has a steel tone ring, which adds to volume and clarity. The neck is a fancy three piece lamination of walnut and maple. The fingerboard is dyed maple, with 17 frets and diamond inlays. The scale length is 21 inches, which makes it perfect for tuning like a baritone ukulele, dgbe.

I put a new Renaissance head on it and there is a newer tailpiece, but everything else is original, including some high quality and very collectable Planetary tuners.

There are a few cosmetic issues I should mention: The heel cap is cracked and looks messy, it was repaired badly in the past. I wicked some glue into and it is stable. The walnut lamination has slightly separated in a couple of places, I wicked glue into them and they are stable. The neck is missing a small piece of white binding near the end of the neck. There is a normal amount of nicks, scratches, dings, etc...that you would expect on a 80+ year old instrument.

Right now, it has steel strings on it, which makes it bright and loud. It would be awesome with baritone uke strings on it, which I am happy to do for you. More pics and video to come.

$400 plus shipping $25 US $50 overseas. No case. Please email info@thebeansprout.com, don't message me here.


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