View Full Version : Searching for Info on Pan Pipes / Pan Flutes

08-07-2014, 08:17 PM
So Im trying to track down a professional quality pan flute to get as a gift for my boyfriend. Ive seen some extremely expensive instruments from the UK. But does anyone know anything about the quality of the musical instruments themselves? Panflute.net has some really nice and affordable instruments....


10-04-2014, 04:54 AM
My panpipes are made of bamboo. Not what you call professional quality unless you live in Peru. They are authentic and sound pretty good and have held up well. They were inexpensive but they are a devil to play.

If you have a sheep and wool show or fiber fairs in your area try there. There are usually South American wholesale/retailers Coops who may have panpipes for sale. At the same shows check for alpaca/vicunya booths. They may be able to assist you as well.

If you are a fiber nut please ignore the last suggestion. I wouldn't want your husband to have to kill me. Courtesy of Coughlins' Homespunyarns - Fibers to Folktales.