View Full Version : First Ukulele Build Finished

08-08-2014, 03:02 PM
Sort of finished, I'm still trying to get the action right. And I am prone to tinker so nothing is ever really finished.

First, thank you all for being so open with your knowledge. I have spent the last month or two lurking on this site and reading well into old topics trying to learn as much as I could for this build. The information in this forum has saved me from a number of stupid mistakes. That being said it couldn't save me from all of them. Live and learn I suppose, and be a bit more patient too.

This is my first ukulele, and first instrument in general. My background is in making bows (the archery kind) and while there are some similarities, this really was a fun learning experience. I think I might have caught the bug...

I made it from Ipe and Engelmann Spruce with a Peruvian Walnut neck. I am not sure if the sound is good or not, I know it has a resonance with the open C string, but I don't think I have the ear for this yet. I know in hindsight I left the top a bit thick and didn't brace it well. It makes enough sound to hear and the frets seem to be in the right places. I think it will be more than enough for me to use to learn how to play.

I hope that I can learn more from you all along the way, and that I don't make nearly the same amount of mistakes on the second one.