View Full Version : Soprano case question (Uke Crazy)

08-13-2014, 05:11 PM
So I got a new uke today (a Kala Soprano FMSG) from HMS and it's a delight. But I'm stumped about something. They included a Herco humidifier, which was stored in the little compartment along with two case straps folded up. They all appeared to fit. But after I moistened and dried the Herco and tried to put it back in the compartment, the little door would not close. I tried repositioning the Herco label up as well as on its side but neither worked, as both ways obstructed the door and the Herco is now slightly taller than the compartment. Am I going crazy? I don't think the Herco swelled...or did it? Maybe it never actually fit and I just didn't notice?