View Full Version : Pono Baritone PBO satin for sale

Mr. J
02-19-2009, 05:21 AM
$300 w/ Ko'oloa case I want to sell in the Bay Area, East Bay, unless you can figure out a good way for me to receive payment. I would ship in the case

Satin finish purchased from musicguymic, a famous seller. This is a beautiful baritone uke which has a very rich velvety sound with the Ko'olau strings it is currently strung with.

If you google, Pono pbo baritone, you'll get pictures and prices. Mine comes with a great Ko'olau case. Why am I selling? Because I want to buy an expensive tenor and have another good baritone. But this is great.

No scratches, hardly used.

If you're not familiar with baritone, you should know that Aguila makes strings that can give it the standard GCEA tuning without straining the neck; i.e. you can play standard uke music OR you can string it with the DGBE tuning in which it is currently strung and when you play chords as they are named you'll be in tune with a guitar. This tuning is the four higher strings of a guitar.

Ukes come in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone sizes. A baritone has a loud and deeper sound and the fret spacing isn't as tiny as that of smaller ukes. Nothing is wrong with this. It just needs a new owner.

Would trade straight across for Ohana tenor w/ geared tuners