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Cocobolo Ukuleles
08-19-2014, 07:07 AM
I have compiled 7 video reviews and sound samples from over the last 6 months. Since then, we have started including radiused fingerboards and Honduran mahogany soundboards standard on all of our ukuleles. The third, fourth, and seventh videos have Nicaraguan cocobolo rosewood soundboards.

I have made all 7 available on our webpage for quick access:


The first video is a review from John Gonzalez, the owner of Fan Guitar and Ukulele in Richmond, Virginia. John has been a great help to us over the last year as we have been improving our line of ukuleles. Even Scruffy, John and Genie's rescue dog, really seems to like the sound of the ukulele. If you watch closely, Scruffy looks very much at peace while John is playing:


The second video is a sound sample that John at Fan Guitar and Ukulele put together for us also. John had some friends visit him at the shop and they were jamming on our ukes and made some videos for us. The playing is amazing and the ukes sound really nice:


This third video is a sound sample from Nick Quarrier in Ithaca, NY. Nick's ukulele has a Nicaraguan cocobolo rosewood soundboard:


The fourth video includes a sound sample that Nick Quarrier from Ithaca, NY gave me. This was made from his ukulele with a Nicaraguan cocobolo rosewood soundboard also. I added several photos of other ukuleles as well. Nick's is the last picture at the end of the video:


The fifth video is a sound sample from Michael Laverty, a happy customer who purchased his ukulele from Fan Guitar and Ukulele in Richmond, Virginia:


The sixth video is a review by Peter Hix, of Hix Brothers Music in Aurora, Illinois. Peter has a lifetime of experience with musical instruments, and is very positive about our ukuleles. He is a very fun guy with lots of personality. Watch the video and you will see what I mean:


The seventh video is a sound sample that was sent to me by "Fisherman" from Australia. He has been really happy with his new cocobolo top. I love it when his two-year-old joins in on the maracas!