View Full Version : WTB: eleuke peanut ukulele....

08-25-2014, 04:25 AM
Looking for an eleuke peanut with a proven track record! Essentially want one that "you" bought from Mim :)
A friend of mine is keen to get one as a practice and travel uke. Not interested in current ones on ebay - As you may know, the original eleukes were known for their inconsistency.
If you might be interested in selling, please let me know!

08-30-2014, 01:23 AM
Ok! Currently have a Mim original (!) on the way, so I guess the mods could close/lock this thread if they want. :)

08-30-2014, 03:45 AM
If u go to the administrative arrow in the red header at the top of your post you can close your own thread! Glad you got what you were lookin for!