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  1. banjolele groups have elections for leader. be there or be square. icon thread.election on friday1.9.15. Spread the word.
  2. banjolele groups have elections for leade. be ther or be square
  3. Hey Jim can you give me a link or assistance in uploading pics to an album?
  4. [IMG][/IMG]
    I must have a doppelganger, since I have not played south of the border since 1980. Here's a photo of me somewhere in Pensylvania in 1980 before my beard turned white and before the old arthritis forced me to give up Scruggs style banjo. I can still play clawhammer and fingerstyle guitar if I take a couple of Advil before a gig.
    I play mostly in Southern Ontario with occasional trips to Wakefield, Quebec.
  5. Hey Jim, I'm Tom Coughlin, Your face looks very familiar. Perhaps from a New York or New England Festival.
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