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  1. I miss me too.
  2. Hey! Please tell your work to lighten up on computer stuff. I miss ya.
  3. keep your eyes on your mailbox next week. Treats will be on the way.
  4. Sorry. It's pages back. It was something to Stephen. Made me crack up.
  5. What I say?
  6. Sometimes you are just way too funny.
  7. Please send me your address, J.T. Pretty please? It's to your advantage....just sayin'..........
  8. Sometimes, J.T., you are way too funny! :-)
  9. With my current job, when it's not busy i'm able to be online. So yeah, I'll be here lots!
  10. Well, I for one am so glad you're back a lot more in the PE thread. It wasn't the same without you.
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