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  1. Haha, thank you! And, not really, I just have crazy ideas, and the help of a couple of talented friends who don't mind staying up all hours with me working on them. It was all filmed on my regular Canon digital camera. Not too bad for a digicam. (And, it's one of the reasons I am behind on another certain project, which will be remedied quickly!)
  2. What is your deal? Did you become the world's greatest video editor overnight? That Alone video is fantastic!
  3. Naw, no uke. But she sings pretty well. She's excited about it. Got lots of UGA stuff for Christmas. Have a Happy New Year.
  4. Wooo! Awesome! Does she play uke too?
    Athens is a sweet little town. I know she'll love it.
  5. Bunny... guess what!? My daughter is headed to UGA in the fall.
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