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  1. Thanks for the info on the elusive cigar box. Too bad. It seems like such a cool uke! I do want a cigar box at some point, but,aye this is a sign that it should in fact be handmade.

    I think a peanut is probably in my near future, though... I have an Eleuke pineapple, second hand, but originally from you, and it's set up beautifully. The peanut is so cute.... I think it would be a perfect companion for the pineapple. They should write a comic strip about them! But, so, I'll let you know when I'm ready to pull the trigger.
  2. It is sort of a phantom. Haha! They made them as a prototype but never actually produced them. So I am unsure when they will be around if ever. The peanuts are obviously here, but yeah the cigar box has a lot of people wanting it, but they have never been produced.
  3. Hi Mim! I was just doing a little surfing and found lots of reference to and a couple of vids of an Eleuke cigar box. But it doesn't seem to be listed on the eleukeusa site. (Neither is the peanut, so there's that.) Anyway, is it something you carry? Or can get? Or is it a phantom? Here's mgm playing one a couple of years ago:
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