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  1. And now a Collings?? Robin Givens should be at your house! Keep on collecting, I'll keep on looking at your pictures. Congrats!!
  2. I love the baritone but the only downfall to it is you lose that high pitched uke sound. It's so easy for me to play that I learn a hard song on it and then play it on my tenor after I've got it memorized. The tuning is different but you use the same fingering on the baritone and the only difference is the key you playing in is different. The Favilla baritone has a deep huge sound to it and I love it.
  3. BTW, I have one word for your collection--OBSESSIVE! lol. Very nice for a dude that's only been playing for 3 months. I dig the bari. Where did you come up with it, and how does it sound in comparison with a tenor?

  4. Hi there,
    Whereabouts in Ky? I live in Ashland!

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