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  1. much Obliged wee ginga
  2. If you mean the extra icons on your youtube page. Just go to the channel page and up
    at the righthand corner there is a little pencil icon and if you click it you can then just add
    URLS for other social media sites like Google+ or Flickr or any other ones that you might have.

    Hope that helps-

  3. Rob, I need some help getting the social media share boxes on my YT accounts. Do you have time to help? 3 " solid ice here :-(
  4. SOTU-149 Hey Rob. Hadn't heard JoH for a long time.Sweet. What do you use for the follow the bouncing ball script?I know your in Finland but this reeks of a Brit Club. Do they really sing a long to ballads like this in the british clubs?
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