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  1. Stopping by to say hello...."Hello" and to see how you are doing! Hope all is well and you are feeling better!!
  2. oops, please excuse my last visitor message...LOL...i thought you were talking about a video on my old youtube account! my bad!! i feel dumb now..hahah
  3. thank you!! i didn't sing that though, i was just lipsyncing!! i wish though !!
  4. Your song on you tube was really, really good!
  5. I too want to learn to play hawaiian songs...I'm truly fascinated by the hawaiian language. I play blues and pop and acoustic music. You can view one of my original recorded songs on my youtube account.
  6. Hi, how are you? The music I like to play is any song that I can play!!! (lol) I like mostly pop and rock. Trying to learn Hawaiian songs. But it is fun playing the uke.
  7. 'A'ole pilikia! It is nice to be on this site! What kind of genre of music do you play?
  8. Aloha and welcome to the UU!!
    Mahalo for the friendship!!!!!
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