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  1. I'm sorry I've been absent for a month- wow- exactly a month today! My radio show has been keeping my busy along with "life" (Hate when that happens!) My uke playing is far from decent. I try to practice chords when I can but the transitions kill me- and let us not even address some chords, which I fear my fingers and hands will never contort to make. Strumming patterns? Did I mention those! Argghh!
    However, I plod on when I can.
    I got UAS before I even took a lesson or anything, and I bought a Pono solid Acacia Tenor, a little Ohana mahogany concert, and my favorite, really, which isn't available anymore and I had a heck of a time finding, my Vineyard solid mahogany soprano with a full tenor neck. I find myself picking that up all the time. I love the size and the sound is much louder than my other two. The Pono is low G.
    Anyhow, I am sitting here strumming and watching TV, hoping that my hands & fingers will remember where to go one of these days.
  2. problem!! An HF-3 is Kamaka's tenor ukulele, 4 strings.
    For me Maui no ka oi!!! (Maui is the best)
  3. Aloha Olivia!!
    No sad to say I am not in Hawaii I have been there 4 times and it is the best!!!
    My favorite uke is my Kamaka tenor HF-3, but I play them all! How about you?
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