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  1. Hey Aaron,

    That's pretty sweet! After I saw you that day, Aldrine and I were talking about them and later he pulled some Savarez strings from a guitar pack and played around with them on his Martin. Says he likes them, especially for the low G. That's awesome that they're making uke sets. Definitely let us know what your verdict is ... should be interesting to see! Thanks for the heads up : D
  2. Aaron,

    I posted a thread in Uke Talk, and it really should be in Videos. Can you move it? Its called "Shameless self promotion. Sort of".

    By the way, I just got in a bunch of Savarez Strings to test for them. They're going to start selling `ukulele sets - this should be really good. I'm probably going to have MGM test the Standard/Concert set, and I'll just play around with the Tenor sets, then provide feedback to them.


  3. If the `ukulele in my avatar is in question, and my sons and nephews with my ukes. . .yup, that would be me. Notice that Aldrine has a thing on strings. . .gotta go view it now.
  4. Haha, yup that's me. Would this be Aaron with the friggin' sweet custom ukes and inlay artistry? ;D
  5. Would this be Aaron with the video camera?
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