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  1. Happy Birthday Aldrine.Hope you get spoiled to-day .
  2. Hey Aldrine It was a GREAT pleasure to meet you and hear you play at the ukulele picnic pre event.It was the highlite of our trip to Hawaii.My wife and I are now back home in the snow and hoping that we can return to Hawaii in the near future.Thanks againn for the time you spent with us"2 seniors".Mahalo
  3. Hey Aldrine ,Big bob here from Canada.First Thank you so much for your time and effort with all that you do for your extented family from all over the world with kukulele underground.Second I am going to be in Waikiki from the 7th of Feb to 17th.Are you by any chance going to be in the area.And are you aware of the ukulele picnic that is suppose to be on the 12th & 13th of Feb at KAKAAKO waterfront park. Mahalo
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