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  1. Ah, UAS. THe eternal torture of the uke strummer...

    Good luck with your shopping!
  2. No worries, i hope i didnt offend, just when i saw your pic, i thought straight away thats our leader, yeah if im ever in your neck of the woods will pop in im in the middle of a rather bad case of UAS at the mo, spending hours trawling the net for a bargin price on a uke, but cant decide on the make or model to many to choose from lol, anyway great to hear from you all the best dave
  3. Just a lookeey likeey, mate.

    If you're ever near The Plough pub in Ley Green on a Tuesday evening, pop into my acoustic session and join us!
  4. hello, you look suspiciously like our glorious leader of our ukulele society ????? or is it just a lookeey likeey, anyhow im in herts to
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