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  1. Wow! looks like you've got treasure there and stand corrected. Nice one Ian.
  2. Well, it is definitely MONO and from doing a bit of searching turns out to be a Second Pressing from 1967.

    I found this which may interest you:
    "The only real version of Sgt. Pepper is the mono version," says former Beatles sound engineer Richard Lush. "There are all sorts of things on the mono, little effects here and there, which the stereo didn't have."
    Because stereo wasn't as commonplace in the 60's, the mono mixes were always given top priority. That meant in this case the mono mixing was done with much love and care, with the Beatles in attendance, whereas the stereo mixes were made in just a few hours afterwards by Producer George Martin alone. Of course, stereo was soon to take over and this meant that this original mono mix with all its subtle differences (like, for example, She's Leaving Home played at the right speed rather than slowed down as it is on the stereo) was soon deleted.

  3. Thanks for the link - Unfortunately, I'm a bit disappointed, though. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity Guildhall, Rockschool and London School of Music (LSM) exams all carry UCAS (university entrance) points, post Grade 6 and look great on the CV because they're verified by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). The Victoria exams are a FOR profit organisation and therefore their primarily in it for the money. As a professional music educator it would be hard for me to justify kids spending £25 per exam to get a piece of paper that means nothing in the bigger picture. Lets hope it proves popular to one of the other more justifiable exam boards...
  4. Regarding the Ukulele grades, there is a short thread at the top of page 2 of UK.LELE. It actually points you here so might be worth clicking and having a look.

  5. Will do - likewise. Possibly in september as I'll have less stress at work in theory.
  6. Hi, good to chat this morning. Let me know if any of the local groups come into existence.

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