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  1. Hey Kurt,

    Did you have your surgery already? Are you on the mend? I haven't been playing at all this year because I've been really busy with school (I used to at least play during my lunch) but hopefully I'll get back in the groove soon. I'm stalled at beginner level, but oh well. I still have fun. Hope you're doing well.

  2. Hey Kurt,

    Really glad I got to meet you. Wish I could have stayed a bit longer but I promised my son I would be home in time to read to him before bedtime (I'm obsessed, but I still have priorities ). Maybe on your next trip out we can organize a UU get together or meet up to play like you said. Hopefully by then I'll have some tunes under my belt. Have a safe trip home. If you're not flying out until night time on Saturday and you're not too busy there's an event at the Wesley Methodist Church in Japantown (Aki-matsuri - Fall Festival) and Rodney Takahashi of Ukulele Jams will be playing along with his students. I'm not sure when it starts, you'd have to google it. Anyhow, have a safe trip home and I'll talk to you in threads.

    Take care,

  3. Congratulations on your Sceptre! I must have been at Smiley's place right after you posted about the Pineapple Sunday because as I stared at his wall and saw the open space with the "Sceptre" tag and the pineapple hanging next to it, I had a moment of serious deja vu. How'd you find his place coming from NY?
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