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  1. Thanks,
    I will keep you in mind should I venture out of my comfort zone.
    Off to the beach next week for a break, then back into the commisions.
    Kind regards
  2. Yes I understand Dennis. I'll probably do some sort of conversion some day. Best to stick with what you a comfortable with. If I had a machine shop I would have no qualms myself but the tooling costs are beyond where I care to go. Maybe a Keech or a Sandstrom design Sometime? You know where I live.
  3. If you should ever build a Whyte Laydie No 2 Style Banjolele, I will buy it from you. - Catastrophes not withstanding. Gold Tone has available an 8" Fairbanks Whyte Laydie Style Tone Ring. The Whyte Laydie is unusual in that No metal passes through the Wooden Pot. Whyte refers to the use of Maple Neck and Pot. If this is of any interest please contact me.
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