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  1. Great website all around I'll add. A cultural ambassador of a site. Nice!
  2. Chuck,
    Just wanted to say thanks for you insightful comments/reply on bending sides in my "clay" post. More importantly, thanks for seeing into the mind of a newbie making his frightful venture into uke building. A decent woodworker and designer myself, luthiery is a way bigger world than I suspected. It's daunting (as is the forum).
    I do plan on making a contribution to the world via uke building, however big or small it may be. Certainly my young son will get a hand-built concert uke that he helps build and perhaps it will go much further than that with other kids in his homeschool group etc. Boulder could use a uke-estra.
    Great ukes you make on your website, btw. Aloha -David
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