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  1. Yeah. I saw the original post, too. That made me think you hadn't said anything yet. You don't ask for much. I reckon they will honour your request. If not, post police (!) to the rescue.
  2. Did you see my comment about the "ballsack mountain" thing? I'm not too sensitive about too much, but you've seen my description of the logo - I'm kind of sensitive about this - it's very personal.
  3. I am not eligible to guess your logo. But I did notice you mentioned the name the other day. No one seemed to pick up on it, did they?
  4. With the new year I am ready to get my old avatar back when you have time. Hint, hint
  5. It amused me thoroughly
  6. Sorry. Just made me really, really cranky.
  7. I cleaned out my box. Sorry
  8. I musta missed it. I saw some "Miss 609" type photos and a cake -- CAKE!!! -- with buns, but that's all.
  9. Didn't even occur to me that it was! Was the picture that bad? I didn't see it... Mom's still at rehab place - her future is kind of cloudy at this point. She's actually doing pretty well, but we've heard some talk that the docs won't release her back to the assisted living place if she can't get herself back up if she falls again. Sisters have looked at adult foster home...I think assisted living probably should still be able to take her if she has a higher level of care (she's not at the highest yet). We'll see.
  10. Wasn't me who complained about the "stuff" today. :-)

    How's Mom?
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