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  1. Hey Seeso,

    Check out the Luthier's Corner - John Mayes just signed in. I know you're good at doing welcome threads - he's done a number of "how-to" videos, and he builds `ukulele. The "pro" level just went up another notch.

  2. You mean with all the posts about D'Addario and Savarez, you haven't tried Savarez yet? Trust me, get the high tensions - since you play guitar, you'll probably like these better. The normal tensions are okay from a "feel" perspective, and while they sound great, I can get lower action with the high tensions. Maybe order a low tension 544R just in case - the wound strings are fairly "powerful", but good if you pick and run bass lines, and they get surprisingly balanced during strumming.
  3. Same to you, Seeso. I've been trying to lay low for a while, but sometimes that's hard to do. Seems there's a LOT of guys building nowadays and hanging out in the lounge and sharing their knowledge, whether valid or not. How's the weather - you know it never snows in Kapolei. . .
  4. Yeah, they haven't done anything as far as artwork for Victoria's Pineapple Sunday - haven't met Jason Arimoto, yet.

    As for the studio, borrow one. A good one. You'll be able to find one, I'm sure.

    Personally, Spruce Top, without question. Something that moves, and being a guitar player, drop some high tension strings on, D'Addario or Savarez, get the action at least .100" at the 12th, and you'll certainly be in your element.

    Of course, you could get an all koa or all mahogany, something with resonance so you can keep the Low g, and do all sorts of things with that. Maybe MGM will let you borrow the Koa Cutaway that he has (of mine) - already has a LRBaggs Element installed.

  5. I know Victoria Vox and Jason Arimoto.

    I guess I'm not to the point yet where I can be sponsored. I know I gotta get into the studio, but I don't want to record with my chintzy Lanikai. I have a Kala, but I don't like the way it feels as much as the Lanikai.

    I do have over 6,000 subscribers on YouTube, though. That's got to count for something, yeah? I don't know.

    As always, you're a fountain of useful information. Looks like I need to get my butt into the studio. Either that, or win the lottery.
  6. Who are your friends? I know there are different levels of sponsorship, and usually those with a "full" sponsorship gets an instrument with artwork (which I've generally been a part of creating).

    In any case, with the economy the way it is (even before), sponsorship is difficult for any manufacturer. If you look at it from a business perspective, there are only a handful of players that will truly provide a win-win for both them, and the factory/builder that is sponsoring.

    Most that I've seen sponsored have actually recorded, or will be in the process of.

    Even those that are sponsored, may not be in a win-win because something is stagnant. I've seen a player and Factory approach each other, and while the player was already sponsored, the question was asked, "How come you never asked me to play your instrument?" The player did before passing on.

    Perfect example of how its NOT "cut throat" here at all on Oahu. Factories don't go and intentionally search out other companies Talent, to steal them for their own (although going from one sponsor to the next does happen). On the other hand, I've seen first hand (on the mainland) where a builder tried to snake out a sponsored player right in FRONT of the sponsor! Not cool, very bad mana. You just don't do stuff like that if you want to keep building (especially when all the builders know each other) The sick part about it, this builder is one that is regarded (I'm not going to say respected) for the quality of his builds.

    But, I'm just one guy, and one data point does not make a trend.

    As for getting sponsored, take a look at those that already are, see what they have accomplished prior to, and go from there. Here are some names - Jake Shimabukuro, James Hill, Bryan Tolentino (although he's not "really" sponsored by Kamaka, he just gets the best instruments), Herb Ohta, Jr, Daniel Ho, Raiatea Helm, Kelly Delima, David Kamakahi, Kawao (Walt G), Manoa DNA, etc.
  7. Brother, I would love, love, love to get a high end uke. I just don't have the cash. I would love to get sponsored. A couple of my friends have been sponsored by KoAloha. I've been meaning to look into that possibility. You think I'd have any luck?
  8. Just saw Hotel California. Brother, we gotta find a way to get you a uke on the higher end of the scale. Not that the one you were playing is bad, I just think with your skills, you can do a lot more with an instrument that will let you.
  9. I just got really really busy, man. Still enjoying your posts as well as others, when I have time to visit.
  10. Haven't seen you around in a while (as stated in a recent post).

    Hope the posts are still relevant and informational.
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