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  1. First of all there is no smell that I can detect on this uke good or bad. I do not remember who i bought it from but he was eliminating much of his collection and I think he sold about 6 ukuleles over the course of a few weeks. He was a serious collector and his ukuleles were primo.
    Total length = 24.5 inches more or less
    The best way to message me would be to click on my name and select "private message". I have never used this before to discuss buying/selling ukulele. Thanks
  2. Hi hapuna,
    Could you tell me the over all length of the pineapple Uke ?
    Do you remember who you bought it from ? I ask this because I bought Uke on E-bay, they did a complete setup, but it smells like WD40. I don't want another uke that smells like WD40.....LOL
    I am Serious about Buying this Uke. I just want to make sure it is a good fit.
    I have been researching Sonny D. Not much on YouTube.
    I read that he destroys any ukes that he does not like the sound of, so I figure it must sound pretty good.
    Jim Verrocchi
  3. It is a non smokers ukulele. I do not know the exact age of the ukulele I acquired it in 2008 for around $500(I don't recall the exact amount). It is in "as new" condition as far as I can tell. There are no marks or problems that I am aware of. It does not come with a case though I could include a gig bag with it for $20. The action is good, it is very close near the nut and getting higher toward the bridge. Sorry but I don't remember if there was anything else you asked. Let me know
  4. Hi hapuna,
    I am interested in your Sonny D Pineapple but I need more info on it.
    First is it a nonsmokers ukulele?
    Are there any problems with it ?
    What is the action like ?
    Does it come with a case?
    How old is it ?
    What did you pay for it ?
    What does it sound like ? Do you have any sound samples ?
    Jim Verrocchi
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