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  1. Aloha John,
    your PM box is filled..cannot send you a PM.....
  2. Hello! I've always appreciated your support and your sending new UU members to my YouTube channel. I can't thank you enough.

    Sad to say, YouTube has terminated my account. One too many copyright holders objected to their song being covered.

    I'm hoping to bounce back with a new channel. Until then, take care...

    - John
  3. Hello! Just stopping by to wish you a Mele Kalikimaka and Happy New Year! Thanks for your support, encouragement, and friendship in the past year. Take care!


  4. Hi Stan! I just posted the chords for "Koko Ni Sachi Ari" on my homepage:

    And you can find the chords for Sukiyaki on my YouTube video:

    Hope they work for you! I changed the key to fit my vocal range. Anyway, yes, I'll be back in Hawaii on August 6th. Looking forward to making ukulele music with friends! I don't know exactly where the Damon Tract housing was, but I spent a lot of time at Moanalua Gardens catching tilapia and opu small kid time! Great memories!

    - John
  5. Howzit, Stan! Sorry... I just found your message now, so sorry about not responding sooner! Thanks for your nice message. I really appreciate it! I enjoy making ukulele videos and hope to keep it up. Thanks for your encouragement. Happy strumming!

    - John (keonepax)
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