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  1. Thanks Geoff. If you don't now what your going to do until the moment you go on stage you must do a lot of folk clubs. Me too!
  2. Hello Tommy,

    I tend to have ideas for themes floating around in my head some time in advance but I don't usually do anything definite until the week before I'm hosting in case I have to change my original plan because of themes in the few weeks before. So most of the detailed work is done during the week before I am hosting and I only make the intro video a day or two before the season starts. Even on the day as I am usually aiming to post the theme about 10pm local time (so that it's up early evening, eastern USA) so I have plenty of time during that day to make and upload the intro video.

    Cheers and good luck with your first hosting.

  3. Hey Geoff I got your ms. I always have a Plan C as well. What I am interested in is how far in advance do you start the prep for a weeks EMCee. Fred must have spent days on his playlists. And Wendy is an overachiever too.
  4. Second message as it was too long in one message

    I don't know about links for doing titles for your videos. I use an image processing application called The Gimp to actually create the images. It's open source and free and available for Windows and Mac. My PC runs Linux so beyond that what I do is specific to my video editing software but in general terms:

    For the background, I took a picture of the Pteranodon (which my wife bought for me when we visited the USA some years ago). I took a photo of it and used a select tool that follows the contour of the image to cut it from the picture then pasted it on to a plain background. The text is done in the image software and saved as a png graphic with a transparent background. The rest is a matter of laying the text over the background in the video editor and animating it so it scrolls up the screen. Exactly how you do that will depend on your video editor.
  5. Sorry for the delay responding to your messages.

    I go to local folk clubs regularly. That's where I play my ukulele mostly. I am fairly well known on the local folk music circuit. I've not been to the Allendale Tar Barrel festival, it's a little bit far and well up the Dale and the weather can be pretty dodgy this time of year. More locally, a local Longsword side do a mummers play and dance out on Boxing Day and I go to that most years. I didn't this year as my daughter and family were visiting over Christmas.

    CJ lives at Hexham, I think. Again a little distance away. I don't know if he goes to folk clubs. I suspect not, his musical interests are somewhat different.
  6. Happy New Year! I like the way you do the title credits on your vids. Please send me some links to get me started with this type of stuff. I liked under the board walk
  7. I like your stuff. Betcha you do the folk clubs. Does CJ do the club scene? I reckon he's in your area. Have you been to the Allendale tar barrel festival, New Year's Eve? http://Allendale tar barrel festival...39;s Eve 2013.
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