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  1. Thanks, Im still doing great with the weight loss. Still a long way to go, but still on track.

    As far as sopranos, eventially we will start offering them, but not near as many. Most of these ukes will be Tenors and Concerts. I will have a carved top tenor ready soon too which is cool. The sopranos we are talking about are traditional style, friction tuners, with some nice subtle inlay work. Acacia, Mahogany and Maple, also some spruce top stuff in the near future. I hope by end of year to start up my exclusive style with my logo and all in MOP on the headstock. Thanks again for checking in..
  2. Hello Tudorp . The new ukes look nice. Will we see sopranos ? Every time I look at Bruce Wei stuff I think to myself , " why doesnt he make some Banjo uke resonators " I bet they would be a big seller. Just my 2 cents. Take care and I hope you are still doing well on the diet thing.
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