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  1. Hello? Anyone here? I'm just wondering about the traveling ukuleles. Are we ever going to stop sending them and do something with them? just curious. How've you been? Obviously busy, but you're well?
  2. Not at all -- I thought the post was kind of funny. But they still should give you a discount or something. fame is just not enough! :-) And to think that Grumpy C. volunteered!
  3. thanks sukie. i hope i didnt come off like i was trying to get some sort of kickback or anything. im not looking for anything in return. just do it because i believe in the site.
  4. Hey Nuke Doc, keep the super power mod ring on ok? I think you do a super job. UU could at least give you guys a discount in the UU store.
  5. its all good sukie. it was entertaining for me as well. but i have to remember my moderator duties as well. thanks for understanding.
  6. Man, that thread was just getting good! Sorry if I was too crabby, but... :-)
  7. thanks! same to you!
  8. Hey Nuke Doc -- Happy April Fool's Day. Hope you're having a good day.
  9. Your music theory for noobs is excellent. It actually is making sense to me. Mahalozzz.
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