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  1. Dear Vergel Bansil,


    Upon reading the history of the Lumanogs thru your post,
    it is better now to deal with the people who really knows authenticity and quality at heart.

    We have a foreign client who is interested to be a sole distributor of Lumanog guitar products in their country.

    Since you have mentioned in your post that the original makers are located in Sta. Mesa, is it comfortable to go there and deal with them?
    Do they still bear the real trademark of the Lumanogs?

    Or since your good office will be starting, rather, have started, to make the Maharlikas bearing authenticity of Lumanog products, it will be much better to deal with you, in order to keep good reputation with clients.

    Please contact us to the following numbers:
    Landline: (632) 3842651
    CP: (632) 920 443 08 63

    Looking forward to your utmost response.

    Thank you very much.

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