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  1. Ha! You're better than you think...
  2. You're nuts! I can't play ukulele worth crap. but I want to!
  3. Thanks! It's a great cause and I'm more than happy to offer it, since I view it as a gift to me and I'm just passing it along.
  4. I love your Back to the Mainland song. Here's hoping it makes the final cut for the CD.
  5. Thanks, Sukie! Guess I'm in prevention mode from now on... Great... I hate prevention. Sounds so boring. Thanks again for the kind words and have a great Thanksgiving!
  6. Glad you're ok. You'd be missed here. 52? Me too. Thanks for the scary news. Always something fun to look forward to. But seriously, glad you're fine.
  7. Your refereeing skills are fabulous!
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