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  1. hmm...I may have to look into this curiosity has gotten the best of me and I love a challenge.
  2. Although sometimes I do get involved in the actual making of the sounds I'm not a foley "artist" but an editor of the sounds. I chop it all up, put it in sync and try to make it perfect. I started as an FX editor and kind of ended up in foley. Being a foley artist is tough. It's a very small circle of people doing it, and only a few of them are really good at it. Re-creating the footsteps is the hardest, most tedious part, the rest, the "props", is the fun part. That's where I get involved sometimes, if I'm asking for particular sound and they're not getting it, I'll sometimes just do it myself! The toughest part is getting into the union. You have to have a certain number of hours in a given period on non-union projects, or be lucky enough to be somewhere that gets unionized while you're working there. But like with everything, getting your foot in the door is the first step (no pun intended!).
  3. Just out of curiosity how do you become a Foley artist?.. I have always thought this sounded like fun and I am good at making noises.
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