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  1. Cleared PM box.
  2. nickie give me the names of some of the songs your trying to learn
  3. Send me the link to your post and I'll post a picture with one of my ukes. Maybe it will fly this time. I probably missed the post the first time around.
  4. Oops. I'll have to find the link again Nickie. I suggest you look at this and follow on Google+. Unless I miss my guess you will not only enjoy the humor but fins a community you can easily relate to:
  5. Nickie you should subscribe to this site
  6. Nickie please contact me before locking "Bums"
  7. Thank you. I can tell you a little about the Guitar Center Stores nearby. The store close to me, in Clearwater, isn't very uke friendly. They do carry a lot of strings, and very few ukes, but they don't set them up, they're rarely in tune.
    The GC in Tampa, across the Bay, is more uke friendly, and hosted a Stuart Fuchs workshop last year. But I don't want to drive over there, almost an hour away.
    Sam Ash Music here is very uke friendly, don't stock many, and charge to set them up. Their repair guy there is very nice, fixed a crack in my uke once, and got rid of a rattle caused by loose wires. He isn't good with frets and things of that nature though. There is an older guy here that some people swear by, and some people are scared out of their wits by. I'm gonna dare to call him.
  8. Hey Nickie, Sorry to hear your having problems in the oncology sphere. Tough way to make a living for caring people. You have a couple of Guitar Centers near you, TB, Clearwater and Lakelands each have one. Talk to their luthiers. take your uke along. Chat em up a bit to see if they know what they are abut. They normally have a $40 set-up fee max -for budget purposes.
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