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  1. THAT is epic. DDDD will do!!
  2. He loves it when I play for him!!!!

    I starts a group on this site called soflUken. Join up. When we get a few more members, we can all meet up and play together!!!!
  3. I'm up there in CS a lot. So pretty. Does your son like the uke? You should teach him to play when he gets a little older...he might become a world known uker...
  4. I am in Coral Springs. Thanks. My son is awesome!!! I am completely obsessed with him.
  5. Aloha! I'm a south florida uker too. Would like to talk. I'm in pines, where are you? And your baby is SO CUTE!!! and we have the same uke. lol just thought i'd throw that out there. talk soon!
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