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  1. hahahaha lmaonade that's pretty clever eh xD
  2. i LOL at ur ROFLcopter while drinking LMAOnade.

    thats so a speed bump in the english grammar .
  3. My roflcopter goes soi soi soi
    No, I'm not upset lawl
  4. >,< sorry if i upset yoooou
  5. Yeah whatever meng hahaha
  6. Looool; i txtd back, sillygoose :P
  7. Oh so ur back from costco, huh??
    I'm guessing one of those old sample ladies jacked your phone, cuz i didn't get a txt back haha :P
  8. Seeeeeeeeann~!
  9. aww hahaha sorry to hear that?? lol
    oh yeah i'm gettin my phone bach today!! :]
    I really miss it... My social life died when my phone got disconnected haha
  10. Loool; it passed ):
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