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  1. Aw, man! Lame.
  2. I sent you a postcard from Ireland and it was a REALLY NICE POSTCARD. Stupid Irish postal service.
  3. Postcard? No! I never got it.
  4. heya, Seeso! What's shakin, bacon? Also, did you ever get my postcard?
  5. Hiya, Tina!
  6. Your cookies were delicious! Mmmmmmm....

    Thanks so much!!
  7. hello hello! how's life? have those cookies arrived yet? not to imply that I sent them or anything, but the mail guy told me he thought they'd get there yesterday...however, I think he may have been slightly crazy, which could change the estimated date of arrival.
  8. to you and your family as well, hugs from jersey!
  9. Merry Christmas, cutie!
  10. why hello! how's it going over there in the windy city? particularly windy? also, your new video is super awesome, for the record
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