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  1. Rob and I are working on a SOTU archive on Google plus. I sugessted If checked out the site they would see a full frontal of BEV. It was apparently a bad Idea. It is really a full frontal of Rob with a uke infront of his face. If this somehow upset you Iam sorry. I would never deliberately do anything to hurt a fellow seasonista.
  2. thanks BEV. this will be the third go round on this one.
  3. hey there. first thing i do if a vid gets stuck in uploading to youtube, is go to my videos page, and delete it. then i try re-uploading

    if that doesn't work, i re-save the vid on my computer, and try uploading again
  4. Lynda' Ray has a good set of tutorials on marketing your music. You and I are in this for the joy of it.
    The vid I posted tells you how to stream videos. The seasonistas seem to be real interested in making high quality vids - I was not trying to promote myself here. Just be helpful. I love your music.
  5. BEV SOTU is addictive. Ukulele is addictive. I have other musical and non-musical interests too. There is only so much time I try to make the most of it. Even if I had the leisure to devote all my time to Ukulele, I wouldn't do it. This world has so much to offer and I want to make the most of it. Like Whisky, Ukulele and beautiful women like you. If you ever see me in the street, run up and give me a hug. Should I reciprocate and get the wrong face, well some people just don't understand!
  6. man does not live by uke alone? you mean............ there's other stuff?! i kinda remember................ no i don't it's all uke all the time for me, i forget everything else now!

    oh google+, it can drive a person crazy, and frequently does!

    i'm totally addicted to the seasons, you'll find me hanging out on the anticipation thread on a saturday night come winter summer autumn or spring!

    thank you so much for your kind comments
  7. Lynda I just spent about five minutes trying to find reply cussing out google+. I agree with you about Google/YT the ****ers are trying to take over the world. I don't do facebook. I don't do Twitter. I do however blog. Man does not live by uke alone. I run this stuff from by google email account. Its free, sorta. I get my videos published be google/yt free, sorta. Its the most efficient way I know to run a virtual life. God how I hate all this canned music. When the weather gets warmer you'll see a lot less of me because I like to play outside all the time. Hang in there girl. I do love your music. Straight No Chaser. two fingers worth.
  8. Hey Bev, your sounding good this week. Check out Jonathan's Over the rainbow cover. The intonation is not good and I can't figure out what the problem is. Maybe you can get a handle on it. THanks.
  9. I haven't been able to get through to Kelly for about two weeks. He was really bummed at that time. Tendonititus in the shoulder he told me. That can be excruciatingly painfull, been there. Has anyone a clue of what we should put up for the season if Kelly can't make it? I know he likes Country music, Garth Brooks, 70s stuff. He seems to have a passion for Astronomy too. Check his yt channel.
  10. i messaged ralf and he said he'd just PM-ed him to find out if he was good to go with hosting. ohmless hasn't posted or been on UU for about a week, i do hope he's ok. i know his arm was giving him problems and he couldn't play, i hope all is well with him
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