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  1. Happy Birthdaaaay to you, Happpy Birthday to you!
  2. Hi Rob,
    No trouble, the hills tend to break up alot of the bad stuff. Mike
  3. Did you guys make it OK, with the storms last weekend?
  4. We plan on coming by your shop this afternoon.
  5. Hi Rob,
    We've been busy as can be, practically sold out of everything! You guys keep warm up there!
  6. Hi Mike,
    I haven't heard anything from you for a while. How's it going?
    I miss loitering in your shop.
  7. Tell Tookta that I said happy birthday. Give her a hug for me.
  8. Great party Mike. I'm ready for next year. Would that be June 3, 2011

    Here's my latest project mike. I'll be bringing it to the party.
  10. My sister and I were thinking about coming down Friday and Saturday.
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