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  1. I'm not even sure what tagged means Sukie but you can do anything you want!
  2. I sure hope you don't mind me tagging my ukulele on your facebook page. I am never sure what I am doing on FB. You should read the personal message someone sent me. Whoa! But anyway, hope that was ok. Of not, I'll remove.
    Have a lovely weekend.
  3. Why is it my ukulele is so popular? :-)
    'Twas a hit in Denver.
  4. I'm trying to look at Bonnie's jewelry via your websiste. It says I need a password. The word "chuck" does not work? PM it to me, wouldja? Mahalo
  5. Good morning, Mr, Moore!
  6. checking out your work, huh? I have been touching and playing it ever since 11:15!!!
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